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Terms of Service

Firstly, we welcome you as a user and as a distinguished customer of our luxury service at VIP GLOBAL CONCIERGE SERVICES L.L.C

We invite you to carefully read these terms and conditions, which aim to define the principles and obligations necessary for the fruitful use of the available services through a statement of user obligations and terms of use. The purpose of our service is to provide luxurious and comfortable service to users.

We do not sell or interfere in any way with the production of any goods or services produced by merchants, restaurants, service providers, or hotels.

We will not be legally liable for any goods or services provided by the merchants that are incorrect, cause harm, are unacceptable to users, or do not meet users’ expectations in any way.


This website is owned and managed by VIP Global Concierge Services LLC. It provides information of a general nature about the company, services and products. While VIP Global Concierge Services has taken reasonable steps to ensure that such information is accurate, the company makes no warranties or representations – expressed or implied – regarding the accuracy and completeness of this website and its information, or any websites linked to this website. Users of this website, its information and any websites linked to this website must rely solely on their own assessment and verification. These terms and conditions shall be carefully read, as they are the terms of use of this website that have been drafted and implemented by VIP Global Concierge Services LLC.

Neither VIP Global Concierge Services, nor the company’s affiliates, officers and employees, shall be responsible or liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special loss or damages however arising (whether by negligent act, omission or otherwise) out of the use of, or reliance upon, this website and its information, or any websites linked to this website. VIP Global Concierge Services LLC reserves the right to amend these terms at any time by amending the changes on the Internet or by any other means of publication and announcement, and you bear the responsibility of referring to these terms and abiding by them when you use our services. If you do not agree to any of these terms, please stop using our services immediately.

The user is responsible for periodically checking any amendments, and continuing to use electronic and smart services considering any amendments to the terms contained therein is considered acceptance by the user of those amended terms and conditions.


VIP Global Concierge Services warrants to you that VIP Global Concierge Services shall use its reasonable endeavours to provide the services with reasonable care and skill and, as far as reasonably possible, in accordance with your request and instructions from time to time. Where VIP Global Concierge Services supplies you with any goods or services supplied by a third party, then VIP Global Concierge Services is acting as your agent in sourcing the goods or services. VIP Global Concierge Services will use reasonable care in selecting the supplier and ensuring the order is placed in accordance with your wishes. For the avoidance of doubt, VIP Global Concierge Services does not and will not provide any representations or recommendations in relation to any of the information and suggestions comprised within the services. You are deemed to be responsible for and shall use your own skill and judgment as to, the quality, value and suitability of such information and suggestions in relation to deciding whether to enter any contract with any third party for the supply of services or sale of goods. Your contract for the purchase of products or services is made with the relevant supplier/partner/vendor only. VIP Global Concierge Services acts as an agent for the supplier/partner/vendor and, unless expressly provided otherwise, all your rights and remedies are against the supplier/vendor/partner. VIP Global Concierge Services will not be responsible for products and services offered by VIP Global Concierge Services as agents for the suppliers/vendors/partners or for any aspect of the relationship between you and any particular supplier/vendor/partner VIP Global Concierge Services will however do everything it reasonably can to assist you in any dealings you have with the supplier/vendor/partner. You agree that any contract entered by you with any of the suppliers/vendors/partners is an independent contract. VIP Global Concierge Services hereby disclaims any and all liability for any act or omission of any supplier/vendor/partner or any loss incurred by you as a result of any act or omission of a supplier/vendor/partner whether or not arranged VIP Global Concierge Services. VIP Global Concierge Services accepts no liability for any losses or claims arising from any inability to access the website or any failure to complete a transaction. VIP Global Concierge Services shall not be liable for any loss, cost, expense or damage of any nature whatever (whether direct or indirect) resulting from the provision of the services or your reliance upon the information and suggestions provided by VIP Global Concierge Services hereunder and the resulting supply of goods and services to you by any third party. VIP Global Concierge Services shall have no liability to you for any loss, damage, costs, expenses or other claims for compensation arising from requests or instructions supplied by you which are incomplete, incorrect or inaccurate or arising from their late arrival or non-arrival, or any other fault of you. VIP Global Concierge Services shall not be liable to you or be deemed to be in breach of these Terms and Conditions by reason of any delay in performing, or any failure to perform, any of VIP Global Concierge Services obligations in relation to the services, if the delay or failure was due to any cause beyond VIP Global Concierge Services reasonable control.


If the customer uses our car, MERCEDES V CLASS No. N 23814 Private, Dubai, in any of our services provided, the client acknowledges his/her consent to take photographs inside the car.

You shall not post, upload, or transmit any material that: Violates any applicable local, state, national, or international law, illegal or fraudulent material.

You shall not misuse the car or cause any damage to it, lack of cleanliness, or any damage to the car, whatever its name.

It is prohibited to breach any legal duty owed to a third party and to promote illegal activity or infringement of the privacy of others or give the impression that it comes from us; or it is circulated to impersonate another person or misrepresent your relationship with another person.

The prohibited acts mentioned in the above paragraphs are not exhaustive, as you will pay VIP Global Concierge Services LLC all damages and costs that may incurred by it as a result of your violation of any of these restrictions.

VIP Global Concierge Services LLC will also fully cooperate with any law enforcement authorities or court order requesting or directing us to disclose the identity or location of any person who posts any material in violation of what is stipulated in the previous paragraph.


Any unauthorized use, copying, rewriting, publication, broadcasting, distribution or exploitation of this website and its information is strictly prohibited by VIP Global Concierge Services. You may display or print this website and its information solely when visiting and in the usual operation of your web browser. All names, and logos on this website are owned by VIP Global Concierge Services or by a third party which has granted VIP Global Concierge Services the right to use them on this website. The use or misuse of these names or logos is strictly prohibited by VIP Global Concierge Services. Nothing contained herein shall be construed as granting the user of this website the right to use any names, logos and trademarks on this website without the written permission of the owner. We (VIP Global Concierge Services LLC) alone own all the rights to all the content available on its services and are the sole disposer thereof. The user shall not use or display these contents for other purposes or for any reason other than in full compliance with the terms of service defined in this contract or without written permission or an official permit thereof. Accordingly, the user will be legally responsible for any violation of any of these rights. In the event of any occurrence of infringement or breach by a third party of these rights or of the user's intellectual property rights relating to content sent by the user to us or a breach of the intellectual property rights of a third party, please notify us by email.


The user bears responsibility for the validity of the information that he gives to us as a user of the services through which it is performed, and acknowledges that the data and transactions that he gives are dealt with without any additional review from us, written notices, or verification in other ways, and we do not bear any responsibility towards the user in the event of an error in the data that is given by him. The user is prohibited from impersonating any person, misidentifying himself, or using another user’s account without permission from that user. The user is prohibited from copying, reproducing, publishing, or selling all or some of the Services for commercial purposes without our written permission. He is also prohibited from using the Services in a manner that violates any applicable national or international laws or violates any Internet-related protocols.


We may be forced to temporarily suspend the Service for operational reasons such as systems maintenance, development, or updating of the Services, or for other emergency reasons without prior notice or specifying the duration of the Service suspension. Also, any violation by the user of any of the current terms of service will lead to the closure of his account or the immediate termination of all related operations without prior notice.

We have the right to terminate, suspend, or delete your account or use for any reason, including, but not limited to, as per our discretion, in case your use or any breach by you of these terms is unacceptable. If in our sole judgment you fail, or we suspect that you have failed, to comply with any term or provision of these Terms of Service, we also may terminate this agreement at any time without notice and you will remain liable for all amounts due up to and including the date of termination; and/or accordingly may deny you access to our Services (or any part thereof).


Cancellation of one or more of these conditions - because they are illegal or enforceable - does not affect the validity of the remaining conditions as they are effective and have their effect.


By using this website and its information, you irrevocably and unconditionally accept and agree to be bound by this legal disclaimer and copyright notice. VIP Global Concierge Services reserves the right to change, add or remove any information presented on this website without notice. Your continued use of this website following the posting of such changes means that you accept such changes. The user acknowledges that the data he writes down related to his name, password, residence, phone number, e-mail, or any other data are all considered means of identification that determine his identity, and that any operations carried out using these means are considered issued by the user as an electronic signature for him. We consider any person who uses these means to be the user, and the user is responsible for any operations that are executed by using his identification information and any change, loss, or transfer of any of these means to third parties until the time in which we are able to stop any violation of this data based on written notification from the user. In addition, we are also not responsible for disclosing the confidentiality of this data, which may occur as a result of user misuse or if this is done through electronic hacking operations.

We are also not liable for any damages arising from loss of data, delay in operations for technical reasons, or the content of third-party websites that are accessed through the electronic services you provide, or viruses that disrupt access to the service or incompatibility between the service and other services, programs and devices, or for delay or failure due to the user in starting or completing the connection, or misuse, or inability to use the services provided by it, or for the content, information, or any other materials. We will not be responsible for his use of the services of those other sites.

The user acknowledges that he has read and understood these terms, including these terms and the provisions of our privacy policy, and agrees to be bound by them and to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in connection with your use of our services. Furthermore, he hereby acknowledges that the terms and conditions constitute a legally enforceable contract between you and VIP Global Concierge Services LLC.


The user accepts the current terms of service and any future amendments, and any dispute arising from this service, whether related to interpretation or implementation, shall be resolved through the competent court in accordance with the laws of the United Arab Emirates and is subject to the jurisdiction of the Dubai Courts.